Thursday, October 11, 2007

Three Books A Month Club

Through my friend's blog, Mother-in-Chief, I occasionally hop over to Bethany Hiitola's Mommy Writer Blog. I've been meaning to blog about a recent post of hers because I really like the suggestion (which she took from Melanie Lynne Hauser's Refridgerator Door blog) and want to encourage others to embrace it. Yes, it's the three books a month club. I regularly buy 10-15 books a month, through large chain bookstores,, independent bookstores, online bookclubs and most recently Easton Press, so I figured I'm going to book heaven. ;^)
The rule of the three books a month club - no libraries, free book pick-ups, but real, live purchases from any of your neighboring stores. Well, I guess that rules out my purchases, online book clubs, and Easton Press (even though I have agreed to shell out $39.95 plus s/h handling for the next, oh, 9 years or so to collect the 100 Greatest Books of All Time in hard cover, leather-bound, 22-karat gold encrusted glory; a rather hefty investment in the literary world, in my opinion). Can I include my neighborhood Barnes & Noble and Borders as well as Coffee Buy the Book? Point to ponder. :^)
Anyway, the main point of this post is to encourage you to get out and regularly buy books; the libraries are great and utterly, utterly necessary - but if people don't actually buy books and keep the publishers in business, what will be IN the libraries of the future?
I buy books because I am an addict, but I now also try to buy books more thoughtfully - thinking about friends I have who would like to be published, children I have whom I want to inherit a rich legacy of literature in the world. So, what do you think, can YOU buy three books a month?
Here is the list of SOME of the books I bought in September (so many of them, I can't even find them all right now!):

The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama
God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christpher Hitchens
Start Late, Finish Rich by David Bach
Oil on the Brain: Adventures from the Pump to the Pipeline by Lisa Margonelli
The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama
The Woman at the Washington Zoo by Marjorie Williams
Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
New England White by Stephen L. Carter
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver

But this post made me think, and I have decided that in addition to the dozens of books I get through the aforementioned sources, I am going to make an effort, each month, to buy full-priced books from our wonderful independent bookstore in the heart of downtown historic Roswell. :^)

C'mon - post! What are the last three books you bought new at a bookstore?


Mary said...

I admit I am sucker for E.R. Hamilton books, for craft books primarily.

Last month I bought:

Lacy Little Knits by Iris Schreier
Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter by Alison Hansel
The New Granny Square: Cottrell & Weloth
101 Granny Squares: The Needlecraft Shop
Fitted Knits by Japel
2008 Farmer's Almanac
Gardening in Georgia by Reeves and Glasener
The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai
Best American Short Stories 2007

I got one book from the library during that time. The sad thing is I either bought these books online, or at B&N or Borders. I haven't been to Coffee Buy the Book in Months. I'm planning to go there soon and buy the rest of the year's book club books.

Bethany said...

Hey, I am so glad you are joining in on the fun. and yes, purchases for coffee shops, independent bookstores--anywhere is acceptable. Just buy the book new and from a legal venue. ;-)

I am happy to say your 10 - 15 book a month habit beats mine. I am at about 6 - 8 books myself. So this should be a piece of cake for you.

Jen said...

Hey Babs,
we also have a copy of the God is not Great book, but I bought it for Craig and who knows when he will get to it. Please let us know what you think when you read it!