Sunday, November 11, 2007

The To-Read Pile in my bedroom

I loved when Mary has put pictures on the blog. So, I'm giving it a try. It really wasn't that big when I stacked them. I mean it only hit me right at mid-hip. :^) Hmmm . . . it looks like A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini got cut off at the bottom there . . .

These books were piled in a random order and with an eye to not having them topple over before I could snap the picture. Not exactly sure how I'm going to tackle them. And I have a feeling more will be added to the pile before I get through all of them.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My October Purchases

OK, I am going to go ahead and blame it on pregnancy brain, but I cannto recall all the books I bought last month. I DO know that I bought

The World Without An End (although I do not get my hands on it until Christmas -- it is to be a gift from Craig) This si the Ken follett sequel to Pillars of the Earth.

American Gangster (which I am very bummed about. I did not read the fine print and it is a "novelization of the screenplay). I am a huge denzel washington fan and thought it would be good to read the book before seeing the movie. However, I put it aside once I realized I was essentially reading the screenplay.....This was a first for me, and may explain how we end up having so many books published!!!!)

What is the What by Dave Eggers (loved his last book and this one just came out in paperback)

Playing for Pizza by John grisham. (I know, I know, but i just cannot leave his books alone).


The Publisher's Weekly Best Books List

I have only read two books that make the list --
The Reluctant Fundamentalist (fiction) which I HIGHLY recommend -- it takes about 2 hours to read but is very good.

A Long Way Gone (nonfiction) which was not as good as some of the other books in the genre (An Ordinary Man, God Grew Tired of Us)

there were several posted that I want to read, especially Them, which takes place here in Atlanta and is getting lots of good press.

I guess I did read a third book on the list (although not on the recommended list). I read If I Did It. the so-called OJ confession. Skip it!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Publisher's Weekly - Best Books of 2007

"It's the end of the year—almost. A time for reflection, before the resolutions of 2008 send us all scrambling once again. So what did we read this year that kept us up at night, broke our hearts, opened our minds, made us fall in love? Three thousand books are published daily in the U.S., and PW reviewed more than 6,000 of them in 2007, in print and online. From that astounding number, we've culled a best books list covering our favorites in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, comics, religion, lifestyle and children's—150 in all."

Can you believe that 3000 books are published each day? :^)

They certainly all can't be worth reading, but I'm thinking about making it one of my 2008 reading goals to read one book per month off this list.