Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Publisher's Weekly Best Books List

I have only read two books that make the list --
The Reluctant Fundamentalist (fiction) which I HIGHLY recommend -- it takes about 2 hours to read but is very good.

A Long Way Gone (nonfiction) which was not as good as some of the other books in the genre (An Ordinary Man, God Grew Tired of Us)

there were several posted that I want to read, especially Them, which takes place here in Atlanta and is getting lots of good press.

I guess I did read a third book on the list (although not on the recommended list). I read If I Did It. the so-called OJ confession. Skip it!



Mary said...

I've only read the last Harry Potter, Stephen Colbert's book (halfway through), and The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold, which one the Harder they fall award.

I want to read the Oscar Wao book by Junot Diaz, and Brother I'm Dying by Edwidge D'anticat (LOVE her fiction).

It's so hard to narrow it down, isn't it?

Babs said...

I've only read the Harry Potter book. Thanks, ladies, for the recommendations :The Reluctant Fundamentalist and the Stephen Colbert book and the avoids!: the OJ book and the new Sebold.

I'm interested in reading Them and the Oscar Wao book as well.

Although, and right now, even though I am third in line to choose a book afte the two of you, I am leaning towards The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing. I've really been wanting to read it and since she just won the Nobel Prize for Literature . . .