Monday, September 10, 2007

I DID IT!!!!

I am so excited to finally figure this out!

Here are some of the titles I have been reading about and wanting to pick up. Anyone have any thoughts or reactions?

Femme Fatale - a biography of Mata Hari taking the point of view that she may not actually have been a spy but rather was framed by her lover to cover his own status as a double agent.

Shattered Lives -- selfbiography of a woman that is one wife to a polygamist. the husband supposed fathered over 100 children.

A Woman in Berlin -- a first person account of atrocities visited on women in Berlin when the Russians invaded to "save" them from the nazis. the woman was forced to prostitute herself to one soldier in order to avoid numerous rapes by others. I have heard this one is pretty graphic and depressing but also shows a side of the conflict that few are aware of.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I recently became a paid member at, where I am cataloging my recent reads. Well, from post-Naomi recent, which are the journals I've come across so far, where I have been recording the books I read. I haven't decided if I can yet trust cyberspace to solely keep track of such valuable information. But I worked with the site and put in my 200 free reads, and I then felt that I would be willing to pay a lifetime membership (which comes as cheap as $25) to add an infinite amount of books to my library catalog.

You can check it out here -

I was also able to put a widget on my personal blog that links to it.

I thought I would just share this with my fellow reading gals.