Saturday, October 13, 2007

my three book purchases

Hi ladies,
I am also a book buying addict, although Craig just asked me to stop for the next month.....guess I have been spending too much!!!!

Anyway, the last three books I bought were
Shattered Dreams by Irene Spencer (the memoir of the wife of a polygamist)
Dreaming Water by Gail Tsukiyama (I have loved the two books I have read of hers and decided I needed to read all of hers)
Playing for Pizza by John Grisham

I cannot remember everything I bought in September, but I did acquire these last month

Femme Fatale by Pat Shipman (a new look at Mata Hari's life)
eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown (I am a closet (not so much anymore) Diana-phile)

The book I am most excited about getting next is The World Without an End by Ken Follett. I mentioned at the last book club how great his book The Pillars of the Earth (set in the 900s and following the building of a cathedral in england). this is the MUCH anticipated sequel to this book, set in the 1200's and tracking the descendants of the original book as they face the Black Death epidemic. Anyway, I have already asked Dana from Coffee Buy the Book to reserve me a copy and to bring it to Edenwilde's Shop Til You Drop night on Monday so I can take it home with me!!!!

Speaking of which, if you can, try to stop by the shopping night it is at the clubhouse starting at 7 pm and there are going to be 20 or so vendors. get a start on the holiday shopping!!!!


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Mary said...

I was just looking at an ad in The New Yorker for the new Ken Follett book and I thought it was the one you recommended. I'll get a copy of Pillars of the Earth then, sounds interesting.