Monday, December 3, 2007

November's Shame

I was thinking I only bought a couple of books this month, but it's not so. Admittedly many of these are gifts for other people (and there are a few things I've left out of the stack, sigh). . .

For dd (age 11):

Secret Santa by Sabrina James.

Could You Would You? by Trudy White, supposed to be a fantastic book for 9-12 yos.

Warriors Into the Wild this is a fantasy series featuring cats -- one of dd's friends really likes it.

Everything You Need to Know About the World by Simon Eliot. Title says it all.

Harry Potter Schoolbooks Box Set.

Daring Book for Girls by Andrea Buchanan. We have the Dangerous Book for Boys, but I can't really read it to ds at night because he always wants to Make Something Right Now, which doesn't work at bedtime (he's 6). Dd is the perfect age for this type of project book.

For dh:

The Tao of Warren Buffet by Mary Buffet and David Clark.

For my mom:

Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon.

For my Dad:

Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson.

The War Ken Burns.

For my brother:

Thunderstruck by Erik Larson.

For me:

World Without End by Ken Follett.

Deceptively Delicious by Jennifer Seinfeld. (Not sure if I want this, might put it in the neighborhood book swap). . .

The Air We Breathe by Andrea Barrett.

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management.

The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton, The First Domestic Goddess by Kathryn Hughes.

Cruddy by Lynda Barry.

The Good German by Joseph Kanon.

I bought 4 books from Coffee Buy the book (The Good German, The Hogwarts books, The War, and Deceptively Delicious). The rest came from Borders or Amazon, oh well. . .

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