Friday, March 14, 2008

Grinning Sheepishly

Umm, it's a little embarrassing. But hey, I've read 6 of the books in the top photo already. Actually I've read the two books of mine in the bottom photo and the other three weren't even mine. I feel better now.

The Thirteenth Tale was fun. No spoiler, but it's got one of those big plot twists at the end (which I did NOT like).

The Sarah Vowell book, Assassination Vacation, was really a fun and quick read. It's a travelogue/history of three presidential assassinations -- I know, sounds horrible -- but she is hilarious, finds all the irony in these situations.

I just started the Marge Piercy book, Woman on the Edge of Time, and it's very interesting so far. I'm thinking it might make a good book club discussion book.

I bought My Father's Heart by Steve McKee for my dad for his birthday. I hope to borrow it back later on. It's the story of a man whose dad died of a heart attack at 50 and how it affected the son, which is exactly what happened to MY dad. . .


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