Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday July 22nd Arts & Books section

There is an article about bookclubs, which I enjoyed perusing. And it made me think of our bookclub a bit because it talks about people being afraid that their book choices will be duds. Their advice: don't worry about it; everyone will be having too much fun being together to hold a grudge. Their tip: Serve extra good food! :^)

There is also an interesting article reviewing a book called God is Dead by Ron Currie Jr. And it is a collection of stories! Can you believe I'm saying it sounds interesting? ;^)"[A] collection of stories which borrows a title from Nietzsche and a setting of the world's worst ongoing genocide - all in a work of fiction that aims to examine the weightiest moral dilemmas of humankind," writes Jonthan Freeman (president of the National Book Critics Circle). "Like Kurt Vonnegut, [Currie Jr.] seems to understand that in the face of grim and grave concerns, humor is a more powerful salt than screed. Still, I can promise you this: you won't be laughing your way to the end of this inspired debut."

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