Thursday, June 7, 2007

Summer Reading

Last summer I entered a Summer Reading challenge as part of an online bookclub and these were my stacks of books I had planned to read (click to enlarge).

I don't know why I always think I'll have reading time in the summer. It's so short and we are typically travelling a lot, which means I can't get much reading done -- it's a different story if you are travelling alone or by air, of course.

The only book I read from the top photo was the Time Traveler's Wife. From the second photo, I read everything except the Norton Anthology and the Jane Austen collection (!), but most of these were children's books, quick and easy stuff.

So this year, I am setting no summer reading goals, except to read all the book club picks.

You can see my 2007 reading list HERE. I typically give a very short review, my general opinion of the book. I update about twice a month.

I an enjoying the recommendations so far -- keep them coming!


Babs said...

I LOVE this post, Mary! I am very impressed with the pictures. (I know, I'm a total book dork!) I can recommend Reading Lolita in Tehran. My CA bookclub read it in 2004. I really enjoyed it.

Mary said...

Babs, I think I'll take a stack of my unread books for this summer and see how many of the same ones remain unread. . . It might be too depressing for me to face, I can't stop buying more.

Susan said...

Thanks for the list of books and commentary... If someone owns the book, Cruddy, do they mind bringing it to the next book club?